When a company has a long-term need, direct hire is ideal. Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions. Once hired, the employee goes directly on the client's payroll. At HR Office Savers, we have a deep recruiting background and partnerships across multiple disciplines and geographies. Our broad industry networks allow us to access passive candidate pools to help fill your jobs quickly and with the best available talent.

Referral Networking

Using our internal referral and posting networks, we find resumes and forward directly to the client. HR Office Savers will post the job on our own and forward resumes as they come through. This is similar to internal referrals where the employee connects someone to an open position. We charge $500 retainer plus $2,000 if the company hires a candidate referred by HR Office Savers

Administrative Staffing Support

HR Office Savers can act as the client’s HR person to post the job, screen resumes, and schedule interviews on behalf of the company. This is similar to having an HR person or recruiter on staff. We charge $1,000 retainer plus $2,000 upon hire plus $125 per hour for additional support such as in-person interviews. We stick with the search until you hire someone or cancel the job. 30 day guarantee on all placements.


This is a higher end, intensive search process where we call into companies and search for individuals not actively looking for work. It’s a deeper process that requires dedicated support. For this we charge 20% of the expected salary. 25% of the fee is due up front to initiate the search, 25% is due once we deliver a qualified slate of 3 applicants for the client to interview, and the final 50% is due upon hire. We stick with the search until you hire someone or cancel the job. 60 day guarantee on all placements.